Student Services Lev Academic Center has a skilled, professional, experienced staff with the desire and ability to help you in every way. Their help and support cover all the academic, administrative, personal, social, and economic facets of student life. As a student who has confirmed your admission to the school, you may contact any of the student service providers via LevNet. Academic Support and Tutoring for Students Lev Academic Center makes a system of tutorials and help available to students so that undergraduate can develop the skills and abilities to understand and delve into the materials taught in the academic courses. Tutorials are given both to groups and to individuals for a period of about a month before the exam period. We recommend you contact the first year coordinator or Dean of Students at each campus for more details. Academic Support and Tutoring for Students Lev Campus and Tal Campus offer dorms and other services to benefit students. We recommend that single students at Lev Campus live in the dorm to afford them a Torani atmosphere, participating in morning minyan, immediately followed by halakha study with the Rosh Metivta. The labs are open until late at night to allows students to progress with their academic studies. As befits a Torani educational institution, all dorm residents must commit themselves to leading a religious way of life. There rules appear in the dorm regulations students sign when they register. Dormitory Fees for Singles: Dorm fees are between NIS 7,500 and NIS 9,800 per year, depending on the type of dorm or apartment. Dorm registration is done on the dorm website of Lev Academic Center and is possible only after applicants have been admitted to the school. Dormitories for Married Students Lev Campus of Lev Academic Center has dorm facilities for married couples. Preference is given to couples when both partners are students at Lev Academic Center, in accordance with the dorm regulations for married couples. Information on dorm facilities for married couples appears on the dorm website. Student Welfare Lev Academic Center and the Student Union at every campus work on behalf of the students' welfare and enrich their campus experience, placing emphasis on creating a warm, vibrant atmosphere, inspiring a sense of social commitment, and fostering pro-active student engagement. Services and Activities ` ` Secure and filtered internet service ` ` Personal information service at LevNet ` ` Online information app ` ` Site for cooperative learning ` ` Newsletter ` ` Academic studies online ` ` Extensive international book collection ` ` Academic and employment guidance ` ` Academic mentoring, tutoring, and remedial teaching ` ` Educational evaluation and subsidy and academic adjustments ` ` Assistance to new immigrants ` ` Benefits and assistance to active reservists Student Welfare ` ` Active Beit Midrash ` ` Interest-free, non-linked scholarships and loans and tuition payment arrangements ` ` State-of-the-art fitness room, mikva, and activities club (Lev Campus) ` ` Benefits at various commercial establishments ` ` Reduced-price cafeterias ` ` Diverse events and activities (weekend getaways, tours, hikes, sports competitions and tournaments, cultural activities) ` ` Volunteering and community involvement More information at the dorm offices, phone: 02-675-1125 | Email: meonot@jct.ac.il Due to the large demand for dorm space, the dorm administrators work hard to help everyone. The number of places in the dorm is limited. It is therefore necessary to register and pay a dorm deposit as soon as possible. 63