Scholarships and Loans for Undergraduate Students Scholarships from External Sources First year tuition free for discharged soldiers and graduates of national/ civilian services programs : The first year of tuition is covered by a scholarship for soldiers who completed their military service and those who completed national/civilian service at any time after October 1, 2012, and are attending Lev Academic Center at a Jerusalem campus. PERAH : Student mentors received a mentoring scholarship for NIS 5,200, given directly to the students. EducationMinistry scholarship : The Education Ministry provides scholarships to students for all 4 years of their degree studies. The scholarship ranges from NIS 4,000 to NIS 6,000 per year. Students can buy the application form for a symbolic fee at the Student Union during the first semester of school. Jewish Agency students : The Student Administration provides new immigrant students or students whose parents are new immigrants with tuition scholarships for up to 3 years of undergraduate studies (including a year of study in the mechina program). According Aliyah and Integration Ministry regulations, the scholarship is designated only for tuition and is given regardless of the students' financial or family situation. Scholarships for students from the Haredi community : The Naveh Program, Lev Campus, works hard to elicit substantial scholarships from various foundations and individuals for studies and living expenses. Impact Fund scholarships for discharged combat soldiers : The fund, begun by Friends of the IDF in the United States, is meant to support needy soldiers discharged with a combat certificate during the first or second year back in civilian life. The Impact Fund provide $4,000 to each such student for every year of study (up to 4 years). Student receiving an Impact Fund scholarship are required to engage in community service for 4 weekly hours throughout the calendar year. Mifal Hapais Scholarship Fund for discharged soldiers with preference for combat soldiers : While preference is given to combat soldiers, soldiers in combat support positions are also eligible as are students who have completed two years of national service. Furthermore, there is special aid for students from disadvantaged economic backgrounds. HESEG Foundation for lone soldiers This charitable foundation was created to provide scholarships to discharged soldiers defined by the IDF as lone soldiers. A HESEG scholarship fully covers tuition for an undergraduate degree and includes a monthly living stipend. Gross Foundation : A NIS 4,000 scholarship granted as part of a general program to advance disadvantaged areas. Loans Lev Academic Center wishes to help its student focus their energies on Torah learning and academic study. To make this happen, the school set up an extensive system of loans given to all students, not only those in financial distress. The loan system : Most of the loans extended to students on campus are interest-free and not linked to the COL index, and they fully cover tuition. In some cases, the loan exceeds the tuition costs. Lev Academic Center affords very convenient loan repayment plans. For more information and to submit a loan request, contact the Dead of Students of your campus or speak to your coordinator of the Scholarship and Student Welfare Division. The IDF's Atuda Division provides special scholarships to students in the academic Atuda program. The IDF Atuda Division provides a range of scholarships to students in academic Atuda tracks, e.g. The 100 Club Scholarship for Excellence, a living stipend for those meeting certain criteria, scholarships for high psychometric scores, and more. Academic Atuda students wishing to request a special scholarship must download the appropriate forms from the Mitgaisim website at www. aka.idf.il > Academic Atuda Further about scholarship information appear in the informational booklet at the Lev Academic Center website www.jct.ac.il >Candidates > Before Studying > Informational Booklet 61