60 Scholarships and Loans from the Lev Academic Center The Lev Academic Center facilitates scholarships, loans, and financial arrangements, both internal and external, based on students' personal situations. Lev Academic Center provides scholarships and loans to alleviate students' financial burden and allow them to concentrate on their studies in accordance with the school's educational principles. The scholarship program is designed to: ` ` Encourage excellence and perseverance in Jewish learning and academic studies; ` ` Foster leadership and social involvement; ` ` Provide financial assistance. The array of scholarships offered changes from year to year. The information in this section is therefore valid only for the scholarships we expect to be given in the 2018-2019 academic year. Lev Academic Center retains the right to make changes affecting scholarships. To receive a scholarship, it is necessary to submit an application. Applying for a scholarship is through the website only, and the deadline is the second week of the first semester. Scholarships are only given to students whose status is designated as “in good standing” on the first day of the semester. In addition to the school's internal scholarship system, Lev Academic Center helps students access scholarships from outside sources. Thus, students who secure an external scholarship might have their internal scholarship reduced, in accordance with the school scholarship regulations. Before the start of the new academic year, all newly admitted students receive an informational booklet containing detailed scholarship information. Scholarships for Beit Midrash Students - Lev Campus Torah Scholarships, Study Scholarships, and/or Living Stipends The scholarship is designed for older and/or married students. The scholarship is substantial and covers part of the tuition. Excellence Scholarships First Year Excellence New first year students with admissions criteria of excellence (psychometric score of at least 720 or an average Bagrut score of at least 115) receive a scholarship, almost equivalent to one year's tuition, in their first year of study. Students with an average Bagrut score of at least 112 receive approximately half of one year's tuition. Students may receive this scholarship or the encouragement scholarship. Research Excellence - see previous page Encouraging Excellence on Tal Campus Outstanding students with an average Bagrut score of at least 108 or a psychometric score of at least 640 are eligible. Students must maintain an average grade of at least 85 throughout their course of study at the Tal Campus. Financial Aid Financial aid is provided on the basis of financial need, but students' academic standing is also taken into consideration if JCT think the student could benefit from extra help. Half of the aid is a loan and half is a grant.