Outstanding Research Students Program for Undergraduate Students in Engineering, Computer Sciences, and Nursing Lev Academic Center is a strong believer in encouraging academic excellence in general and research excellence in particular. The two-year research program for outstanding students is led by a Lev Academic Center faculty member and is suited to students enrolled as full-time, regular students at Lev Academic Center with an average grade of at least 90%. Regular students may submit their applications to the program from the first semester of their second year of studies. Program participants receive the following benefits: ` ` A special scholarship for every year of participation in the program. ` ` Graduates who participate for four semesters receive a certificate of participation in the excellence program at the end of their course of study. ` ` Another special excellence grant is given to participants in the program who have had at least one paper about their current research accepted by a peer-reviewed journal or for presentation at a conference after at least a year of participation in the program. The criteria of selection for the program are (not necessarily in this order) : ` ` an average grade (academic courses only) of at least 90; ` ` average grade in Torani courses (if applicable); ` ` Student request to research a certain topic under the guidance of a certain researcher; ` ` Request of researcher who is also a faculty member at Lev Academic Center to supervise the student; ` ` Assessment of the research proposal's chances of success; ` ` The student's and the researcher's campus and department. A research program will be tailored individually for every student by a faculty member engaged in research and with the program coordinator's approval in addition to the regular curriculum. The program, consisting of 8 weekly hours for the duration of the school year (for a total of 224 hours), will include research activity and self-study of materials not part of the regular curriculum to expand the students' horizons in their field of study. This research may not be done at an external company or one's place of employment. Similarly, this research does not replace students' final project requirement. During every year of research, these studentsmust submit 3 reports: a research proposal at the beginning; an interim report; and a final report at the end of the year. The report must receive the approval of the research supervisor and meet academic standards. To remain in the program, students must maintain an average grade of at least 87 in their academic courses every year and reapply to program every year. ` ` Lev Academic Center retains the right to make changes to the program and its criteria as it sees fit. ` ` Failure to submit a progress report in time and/or the research supervisor's lack of satisfaction with the work might lead to a revocation of the scholarship promise or partial/full refund of the scholarship funds. 59