57 Academic Studies for Outstanding High School Students Special Projects for Haredi Students Haredim Le'atidam: Financing Academic Education for the Haredi Public Outstanding high school students have the option of taking several academic courses with special status while still attending high school. After receiving their Bagrut certificate, they will be able to continue as regular students, provided they meet the standard admissions requirements. Study of these courses will count as credits and ease the first-year load. High school students interested in registering for courses with the special status should contact the Student Information and Registration Division. Lev Campus phone: 02-675-1203 | Tal Campus phone: 02-654-7208. Outstanding students must submit a letter of recommendation from their high school principal and a photocopy of the most recent semester report card from their school, as well as verification of the number of units in all Bagrut subjects and the scores of all Bagrut exams they have already taken. The new project of the Joint in conjunction with the Toronto Friends Foundation and the KEMAH Fund allows students who meet certain criteria (from their first year only) to received special scholarships to finance tuition in all departments and monthly living stipends in engineering. Eligible for this financial aid are students from the Haredi community meeting all project criteria who have completed the pre-academic mechina program and are eligible for a mechina certificate or after completing Bagrut exams independently and are eligible for a Bagrut certificate. Applicants must meet all of the Lev Academic Center's criteria for academic studies. Lev Academic center does its best to raise funds from a range of sources on behalf of Haredi students at the Lev Campus and in the Naveh Program. For more information, contact the program coordinator: Israel Tkach | Phone: 02-675-1194 | Email: tkach@jct.ac.il