51 Pre-Army Programs IDF Academic Atuda Program The Lev Academic Center also accepts students serving in the IDF as part of the army's academic Atuda program. Academic Atuda Program: Serving as Academic Officer in Military R&D Units In this track, the IDF provide a grant to finance tuition for every year of study approved for the completion of a degree. The size of the grant is recalculated each year. In addition to tuition assistance, the army provides eligible candidates with further scholarships, such as the “100 Club” excellence program, and a living stipend plus psychometric exam scholarship (for more information, see www. mitgaisim.idf.il ). B.Sc. Study Disciplines in the Academic Atuda Track, Lev Campus: ` ` Software Engineering ` ` Communications Systems Engineering ` ` Computer Sciences ` ` Electro Optics Engineering ` ` Electrical and Electronic Engineering ` ` Industrial Engineering and Management Atuda candidates are selected by the IDF and Lev Academic Center on the basis of the army's needs and the criteria it articulates. Students admitted to the Atuda program are drafted into the IDF and their service is deferred until they complete their studies. We recommend that every Atuda candidate defer his military service and study in a yeshiva setting to keep open the option of serving as a Hesder yeshiva or yeshiva Gvoha student in case the IDF Atuda Committee does not admit him. Registration and Admissions Process Registration for the Army Atuda at www.mitgaisim.idf.il Between November and February Register at www.mitgaisim.idf.il For more information see www.facebook.com/Hatuda.Hakademit/ Registration at Lev Academic Center's website: www.jct.ac.il > Registration > Online Registration After completing the registration process, applicants must upload all the required documents. After the documents have been received, applicants will be invited to a personal interview. Acceptance by the Lev Academic Center must receive final IDF approval. Please note: Failure to submit all the documents noted above will delay the handling of the application. Psychometric Exam Applicants must take the psychometric exam administered by the National Institute for Testing and Evaluation no later than the April exam date. The psychometric exam score required for the academic Atuda at Lev Academic Center is at least 620 in all departments. Receiving an Answer The final stage and determination of admission to the Atuda program consists of the scores achieved on the personality test, Bagrut exams, and the applicant's personal data. The IDF ranks applicants from high to low and places them in academic disciplines based on its quotas. Only students admitted to an institution of higher education are approved by the army and placed in disciplines of study, pending the receipt of the Bagrut Certificate. The IDF sends the final approval once the final Bagrut scores are received. This usually occurs in September. Students rejected by the army will stop their studies and receive refunds on the tuition deposit paid. (Students aware of a problemwith Bagrut Certificate eligibility must immediately contact the principal of their high school to resolve the issue urgently.) For more information, contact the Meitav Unit's service center: Abbreviated dialing: *3529 | Phone: 03-738-8888 | Fax: 03-738-8880