Registration Process Registration via the website www.jct.ac.il This includes payment, uploading of documents, and scheduling a personal interview. Applicants can track their registration status online at any time. Preparatory Studies - Elul Semester: First-year students usually begin their studies with prep courses and/or academic courses in certain departments. The admissions letter will inform each new student of their required course(s). * During Elul, Jewish learning takes place in the Beit Midrash of the Lev Campus. * The Lustig Campus and and MACHAR Tal hold Mechina courses starting in Tammuz. Information will be provided as needed. Registration Process 1. The registration fee for registration packet and actual registration is paid via the registration website. Payment is valid for one year and is not rolled over from one year to the next. 2. The registration fee is non-refundable. Applicants who cancel their registration or are not accepted do not received a refund of the registration fee. 3. Lev Academic Center retains the right to check every document, document, and declaration applicants submit and call them into question. The submission of false information to Lev Academic Center and the concealment of information from the school are disciplinary infractions. 4. Candidates who must complete information, e.g. has not yet received their psychometric/TIL scores, etc., will receive notice of acceptance or rejection only after all missing data (before the start of Elul semester) are submitted. 5. The admissions committee discusses applications based on the departments, the preferences noted on the registration form, and admissions data. 6. To change their department of study or preferences, applicants must submit a request in writing to the Student Information and Registration Division. Submission notification: After the documents have been received by the school, applicants will receive a submissions notification. In case of changes in personal data, submit a notification in writing to the Student Information and Registration Division. Personal Interview Undergraduates: Come to the interview at the time scheduled in the“Interview Scheduling”systemof the registration website. (Graduate Students: Based on personal scheduling.) Answers in writing, by email and post are sent only after the personal interview. Acceptance letters are sent to applicants who meet all the admissions requirements. Orientation Day : Orientation day is usually held at the beginning of the Elul semester. All new students are required to attend. Implementing Acceptance: Via the payments website (advance tuition payment, paying and uploading a signed standing order, and payment for prep/Elul courses). Confirming your acceptance secures your spot as a student at Lev Academic Center. Best of luck to all our new students! 41