The Jerusalem College of Technology A Torani Academic Center Specializing in Engineering, Science, and Technology: Over 12,000 Graduates and more than 50 Years of Experience Providing Academic Excellence Unique research and entrepreneurial centers which host research, develop connections with and contribute to the world of industry and high-tech while staying fully current with scientific and technological innovations. The contribution of these centers has been significant, including: A research center for wireless communications , an adaptive nano- optic research center, a center for electro-optical measurements and thin layer analysis, a center for mathematical models of physical processes and their applications, the Joseph Research Center for Medical Optics , a center for immune system disorders , the Ira Kuken Center for Medical Image Processing , an optics center for photo-voltaic solar energy , a virtual reality simulation teaching and research lab, a research center for joint decision making , a research lab for flexible calculation, the education, math, and Judaism chair , the Mark Schuman Entrepreneurial Center , and the Entrepreneur at Heart program that supports the development of new projects among outstanding students. Graduates play a central role in the development of high-tech industries in the State of Israel and the world over, and work in senior key positions in the most influential and advanced companies on the market. Lev Academic Center plays a central role in raising the scientific, technological, and industrial level of the State of Israel. During its years of academic and Torani activities, new and innovative tracks have opened and research and entrepreneurial centers have been founded. Aspreparationforaglobalworld,theacademiccourseloadincludes many varied courses and projects, as well as an academic English course to allow Lev students and graduates to integrate into leading companies in Israel and abroad. This class is in addition to the university exemption level English language proficiency courses. JCT uniquely incorporates academic and applied studies for Bachelor's and Master's degrees with Jewish studies in a Torani atmosphere. The Beit Midrash and Jewish learning enrich students with Torah values and a sense of mission, enabling them to operate in the real world while inspired by the Torah as a living tradition. We educate our students to assume public responsibility and make an impact professionally, socially, and interpersonally, and significantly secure respect for Torahwithin Israeli society based on a new, comprehensive viewof the scientific and academic worlds and all areas of life. Throughout its 50 years of university-level academic and Torah teaching, the Lev Academic Center has expanded and founded campuses designed for a variety of student bodies. Men and women study on different campuses. All campuses offer identical degrees and academic curricula. There are 3 leading faculties of academic study:  The Faculty of Engineering and Computer Sciences  The Faculty of Management  The Faculty of Healthcare and Life Sciences Lev Campus (for men) : Located in Jerusalem; incorporates Torani learning in a Yeshiva G'voha format. This campus also hosts the Naveh Program - academic studies for men with a yeshiva background. Tal Campus (for women): Located in Jerusalem, for graduates of ulpanot and religious high schools; incorporates Torani learning at its Midrasha. MAHAR Tal-Tvuna: A Haredi academic center for women; incorporates Bachelor's studies with Jewish learning in a seminary; for graduates of Haredi schools. Lustig Campus: Located in Ramat Gan for graduates of Beit Yaakov; incorporate seminary learning. MIVHAR: In conjunction with MIVHAR College in Bnai Brak, the program offers an undergraduate degree in computer sciences for men and nursing for women. 4