Lev Academic Center is developing curricula for other specializations. See Information and Registration for more information. 39 Department Structure Total of 60 credits (27 credits from the core of advanced nursing and 33 credits from geriatric specialization) Course of Study: Two and a half years (excluding English) Admissions Requirements ` ` RN license ` ` Undergraduate degree from an accredited academic institution with an average grade of at least 85% ` ` Personal interview ` ` Two years experience in the field ` ` For the geriatric nursing specialization track: course on the fundamentals of gerontology or eldercare or general/combined ER or first aid (community nursing). * As is the practice in institutions of higher education, the program will be given contingent on the registration of a minimum number of students. The granting of the degree is contingent on final approval by the Council for Higher Education. Curriculum ` ` Research Methods and Biostatistics ` ` Leadership in Clinical Nursing: Here, Now, and in the Future ` ` Epidemiology and Public Health ` ` Philosophy, Ethics, the Law, and Halakha in Clinical Nursing ` ` Data Science in Medicine and Nursing ` ` Evidence Based Research ` ` Treating Pain and Preserving Quality of Life in Functional Impairments ` ` Systematic Overview: Between Theory and Practice ` ` Geriatric Policy and Administration ` ` Geriatric Pharmacology ` ` Chronic Disease Management and Common Acute Geriatric States ` ` Illness and Unique Problems of Old Age: Introduction to Gerontology Illness and Disease in Geriatric Patients ` ` Heart, Blood Vessels, Breathing, ACLS ` ` Digestive Tract and Nutrition ` ` Nephrology and Urology ` ` Infections ` ` Diabetes andWounds ` ` Neurology and Psychiatry ` ` Palliative Care and Rehabilitation ` ` Elective Seminar: Education in the Art and Science of Nursing / Nursing in Culture's Mirror In the last semester of the studies, students will be placed in a clinical setting for hands-one experience for a total of 8 credits (each credit is equivalent to about 50 hrs).