36 M.Sc. in Applied-Physics / Electro Optics Engineering Lev Campus The Degree: M.Sc. The objective of the graduate program in Applied-Physics / Electro Optics Engineering is to train highly skilled researchers and engineers to engage in R&D in applied physics in general and electro-optical engineering in particular. The curriculum offers four unique clusters in electro-optics representing the cutting edge of Israel's high-tech industry. To allow students in the graduate program to study while working in the industry, the military, and schools, the studies are given on one campus on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning. The program is designed for B.Sc. holders who successfully completed a course of study in a faculty of engineering or exact sciences at an institution of higher education accredited by the Council for Higher Education. All students are eligible for scholarships. Students in the research track who submit a thesis are also eligible for a monthly living stipend for some of their time in the program. Study Clusters ` ` Biomedical Optical Engineering ` ` Electronics and Signal Analysis ` ` Micro/Nano Electro-Optics ` ` Optics and Space Observation Study Tracks ` ` Research Track with Thesis ` ` Theory Track without Thesis Admissions Requirements The physics / electro-optics graduate program accepts applicants meeting the following criteria: ` ` Those holding an undergraduate degree from an institution accredited by the Council for Higher Education with an average grade of at least 85%. ` ` Applicants with an average grade of 80-85% or an average grade of 75% with at least two years of experience in industry will be accepted pending a decision of the Admissions Committee. ` ` Exemption level English. Honors Track Outstanding undergraduate students in the Applied-Physics / Electro Optics Engineering or Electrical and Electronic Engineering Departments at the Lev Academic Center exclusively who have accrued 80% of the credits required for making them eligible for the B.Sc. and whose average grade is at least 85% may be accepted to the graduate program in Applied- Physics / Electro Optics Engineering with a status of accruing courses. The department chair can allow such students to register for the graduate program and begin certain courses and accrue their remaining credits until they are eligible for their undergraduate degree. That application must take place no later than the end of the first year of graduate studies. (Please note: Such students must, first and foremost, be committed to their undergraduate studies. They will not be allowed into graduate courses if these conflict with undergraduate courses on the schedule.) Supplemental Studies Applicants with a B.Sc. from a university faculty of engineering who are switching to a new field of study or whose undergraduate degree is not equivalent to an undergraduate degree in that field at the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Sciences at Lev Academic Center may be admitted conditionally and will be required to make up the materials they are missing by taking supplemental courses. Supplemental studies may be completed during the graduate program after appropriate approval. The successful completion of supplemental studies is a prerequisite for completing one's graduate studies. Courses determined as a supplemental program for any given student will not be counted as credit points and will not be included by the graduate program tuition. Mandatory Courses The mandatory courses include the following: 1. Basic courses in Mathematics 2. Basic courses in Physics and Engineering