2 More than 12,000 Graduates JCT graduates are in high demand. They hold key positions in Israel's high-tech industry as well as in business, science and health sectors. Support from day one, identifying relevant job openings during their studies and acquiring work experience. The Center's services include professional mentors, career counseling, internships with leading companies, job fairs, employment and job interview preparation workshops and more. Excellente scholarships and financial aid The educational environment offers cutting-edge labs, innovative classrooms, and libraries, offering students access to information through books, professional journals, periodicals and current digital data. Many scholarships are availableto help students finance their studies and learn in the Beit Midrash, as well as scholarships for excellence in research. The first year of study is free for those who have completed military service or a year of national service. Outstanding Research Centers Many of our faculty members are engaged in advanced research, a fact that adds to the quality of teaching and constitutes a meaningful contribution to Israel's economy and society. A unique acceleration program for students to develop entrepreneurial skills to prepare for successful integration into the industry and the advanced workplace The LevTech Lab offers lectures, a pre- acceleration lab program, a workspace hub for projects with industry mentors, investors, acceleration program managers, and special programs such as a joint course with IBM. All informationmay be found at levtech.jct. ac.il and on Facebook. The LevTech Lab hosts an annual technology marathon for both men and women (separately) to technological challenges presented by companies and social service organizations. For 48 intensive hours, students split up into small groups to develop creative solutions. They then present their tech solutions to a panel of judges from the industry. The challenges come from the largest companies and organizations on the market, such as Cisco, Intel, IBM, Rafael, ILAN Hospital, the Shalva Center, the Melabev Association, and more. LevTech Entrepreneurship Center Hackathons Job Placement and Career Management Center - 93 Percent Success Rate A high-quality educational Environment with first-rate Databases and libraries The Heart of the Community project promotes the rights of the disabled in conjunction with social organizations such as Young Academie, Hevruta, Young Projects and more. Social Action and Community Involvement